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The DECC is stacked!
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7th-Dec-2010 10:39 am - Stuff
I make my posts through email.  I discovered yesterday that simply switching
from plain text emails to the more enhanced email formatting, I can do links in
my Blogger site.  Discovering this has me thinking of giving up the Livejournal
blog, doing two of them is more work than I'd care for now.

We'll see, I've been doing the Livejournal thing since 2004.  There's more
posts, so I'd hate to give them up.  Maybe I'll end up moving posts from
Livejournal to Blogger, but that sounds like a ton of work.

6th-Dec-2010 02:42 pm - UMD Wrapup
The final puck has dropped at the DECC.  Friday night UMD finally lost a game in
overtime, which was inevitable considering the number of OT games they're
playing.  Happily they won the final DECC game 2-1 (or should that read final
"current DECC arena game"?), which is the way it should be. 

Getting a split at home dropped UMD down to 2nd in the polls, Yale leapfrogged
them.  Polls are nice, but in the end they don't mean much, unless it's college
football and then humans decide who plays for the National Title, which is
completely silly.
The new building awaits.  Goon of Goon's World  asked me about my blog, which is
titled "The DECC is Stacked" and what I'm going to do with it, if anything.
I have options:
1) Start a new blog with new title and new URL, losing my 6 year history of this
2) Change the name/webaddress of this current blog (not sure how I can do that,
if Blogger allows it)
3) Do nothing, after-all the new building is part of the DECC.
4) Close up shop
Not sure what I want to do.  Even though my interest in sports isn't what it
used to be, I don't update on a regular basis, and I don't have anywhere near
the time to post that I used to, I don't think I'm in favor of closing up shop.
Time will tell.
19th-Nov-2010 11:20 am - UMD Weekend
UMD is in mad-town this weekend. The Dogs have reached the peak in the polls, hitting #1 this week, and currently reside on the peak of the WCHA standings.

Mike&Jack Connolly (can we just merge their names now?) are tied for third (with CC's Schartz) in the nation with 18 points each, that's 10 points behind Miami's Carter Camper. Camper has 10 more points in the same amount of games, amazing.

Kind of an odd thing, UMD has only played the Badgers in WCHA regular season games since '98-99. The haven't met in the WCHA playoffs, WCHA Final Five, or in the NCAAs at all. I would think they would have met them at least once in that time, but apparently not.

For regular season WCHA games, UMD has problems at Wisconsin. UMD's winning percentage at UW is only 33.33%, only games played in Grand Forks or St. Cloud is tougher on the Dogs. As always, a split on the road is a good thing.

Hard to know how this series will end up. It could be an old-fashioned wear out the red-light type of series, since UMD is currently 4th in the nation in goal scoring and UW is 9th. It could be a defense match, UMD is tied for 12th in the nation in defense, while the Badgers are tied for third. The last 10 years of history says that the games won't be both of the teams scoring a bunch (stats below).

UMD Stats ('98-99 through current):
Vs. UW (all games): 9-22-5
Vs. UW (away): 5-11-2
Vs. UW (non-WCHA games): N/A
Current Streak (all games): 1 win
Current Streak (@ UW): 1 win
Overtime games (@ UW): 1-1-2
Last UMD sweep @ UW: 2004 (Friday tie, Saturday win)
Last 5 series away: Split in 2009, split in 2008, 1 point in 2006, 2 losses in 2004

Games in Madison:
UMD scores 3 or more goals: 3-1-0
UMD scores less than 3 goal: 2-10-2
UW scores 2 or less goal: 5-1-2
UW scores more than 2 goals: 0-10-0
Friday night games: 1-6-2
Saturday night games: 4-5-0
18th-Nov-2010 11:18 am - Hockey versus the nation(als) - 11/18
Fall NCAA tournaments are under way, so I'm going to try doing my regualar updates on how the NCAA hockey schools are doing.

Apologies to the D-III hockey schools; other than Minnesota schools, I'm just not familar with almost all of you, so I'm not including D-III in this.

M-Football (DI): Providence (vs. St. Peter's)
M-Football (DI): Dartmouth (vs. Monmouth)
M-Football (DI): Princeton (vs. UMBC)
M-Football (DI): Michigan State (vs. Oakland)
M-Football (DI): Denver (vs. UC Santa Barbara)
M-Football (DI): Boston College vs. Brown
Volleyball (DII): Minnesota-Duluth (vs. Neb-Kearney)
Volleyball (DII): MN-State Mankato (vs. Concordia St. Paul)

Field Hockey (DI): Ohio State (vs. Maryland)
W-Football (DI): Boston College (vs. West Virginia)
W-Football (DI): Notre Dame (vs. North Carolina)
W-Football (DI): Ohio State (vs. Virginia)
W-Football (DI): Minnesota-Twin Cities (vs. Georgetown)
Volleyball (DII): Northern Michigan (vs. Indianapolis)

Gridiron-Football (DII): St. Cloud State (vs. Hillsdale)
15th-Nov-2010 01:27 pm - UMD Wrapup
Ahh, I love Tech weekend. The Mitch's Misfits were out, with cowbells and horns, and were very loud. Of all the WCHA teams' fans I label them as the best. Other teams' fans may have more, but Tech's are loads better. The Techies cheer/chant all game long, not just when their team scores. They interact with the UMD Students. The sing more than just one verse of the "In heaven there is no beer" song.

As an aside, I really need to get up to Houghton for a UMD/Tech series one of these years. Sadly, it's never worked out due to money and/or other reasons.

Anyhow, on Friday UMD won 5-3 in come from behind fashion. I listened to the game on the radio and from the audio I got the impression that this was going to be the night were UMD's offense dried up and/or they ran into a hot goaltender and/or they had bad luck. Well, that was the case for two periods, the Dogs scored four times in the third to win it.

Saturday, UMD won 4-2. Snow hit Duluth, the "over the hill" parts anyhow, the canal area got rain. The DECC was pretty packed though. The game could have turned out differently, but Tech got whistled for a few penalties in a short time, and Justin Faulk scored twice on 5 on 3 advantages. Kenny Reiter played decently, but he certainly left a good amount of choice rebounds.

Both nights, UMD outshot the Huskies, which should be expected when you're at home. Both nights UMD grabbed power-play goals (Friday 1, Saturday 3).

This keeps UMD undefeated at home, 6-0, which is something you need to do if you have league championship aspirations.

Unnecessary Stats:
UMD 5 goals, Opponent 3: 9-0-0
UMD 4 goals, Opponent 2: 12-0-0
Games played on November 12th: 2-1-0
Games played on November 13th: 2-2-0
12th-Nov-2010 01:37 pm - UMD Weekend
Mike Connolly is tied for 4th in the nation in scoring (16 points), Fontaine is tied for 6th (14 points); the nation's leader with 24 points is Miami's Carter Camper.

Tech dropped both games at Madison last weekend. Prior to that they were undefeated in 6 games (4-0-2). Kevin Genoe and Josh Robison have each played in goal (5 games and 3 games respectively). Robinson has the worse GAA: 4.1856 to Genoe's 2.9057 GAA. Steven Seigo has 8 points to lead Tech, with Royer, Kattelus, and Cousens behind him with 7 points. Alex McLeod has two shorties for the Huskies, he's tied for the nation's lead.

Tech does their damage in the first period, outscoring their opponents 13-8, while being outsccored in the second and playing about even in the third. Their power-play is clicking at 30.6 percent and the penalty-kill at 84.6 percent.

Stats vs. Tech ('98-99 season & forward):
Overall: 23-17-6 (56.52%)
At home: 11-9-2 (54.55%)
Streak overall: UMD 1 win
Streak @ home: UMD 1 win, 1 loss in last 8 games
Last MTU sweeps in Duluth: 2005 (2 MTU wins) & 2006 (2 MTU wins)
UMD shutouts at home: none
9th-Nov-2010 12:17 pm - Shave this!
Warning, really long post ahead.

I'm kind-of a shaving geek.

Shaving used to be a chore for me; I'd put it off as much as possible, I shaved maybe two or three times per week at most. Now I find it soothing. I still don't do it everyday, but now it's a luxury for me.

That's thanks to switching from the "normal" way of shaving to "wet shaving". Wet Shaving is different.

Wet shaving is appealing to me for a few reasons. The biggest is that Mach 20 (or whatever number they are on now) razor blades are obscenely expensive. Two, wet shaving is better for the skin and is more enjoyable.

To the first point, seriously it's a ridiculously cheaper. A 12 pack pack of Mach3 razor blades costs $19, plus shipping if you want to buy it that way. Whereas I can get a 100 pack of double-edge safety razor blades for $22, plus shipping. Yes, you read that correctly, that's 100 razor blades for twenty-one dollars. So the Mach3 is $1.58 per blade, while the double-edge is 22 cents per blade. If you bought 100 Mach3 blades ($1.58 times 100) that's $158 versus only $22 for the double-edge blades.

That's a huge savings, even accounting for you having to buy a shaving brush and double-edge razor. Once you buy your brush and safety razor, over the long haul, it's incredibly cheaper. Plus at the price of the Mach3 blades, I would try to make the blades longer than I should have, so as to not have to spend more money on them. Thus, I was using a duller blade, which is worse for the skin.

To the second point, the switch to wet shaving also meant for me a switch in shaving gel. The traditional shaving goo that you get at Target and other mass stores isn't good for you. It's full of stuff that dries out your face, which is horrible for your face during the shave.

Right now I'm using Proraso. It's a little more, but it's well worth it. It does last quite a while, the tub I've had since March. The smell is great and also, more importantly than the others, it lathers well. I put my shaving brush into the cup, twist it around, and the lather on the brush that goes on my face is wonderful, helping make for a better quality shave.

Switching from shaving the "normal" way to wet shaving does require a decent amount of learning or should I say "relearning". With the Mach3 type razors, you can do what you want while you are shaving. Not so with the safety razors. If you put pressure down while using them you'll get cuts on your face. The weight of the razor is all you need. So I cut myself quite a few times while learning to wet shave.

Wet shaving is different from "normal" shaving also in that it's not about "beard elimination", but "beard reduction". With the "normal" way you press down on the razor and (hopefully) get everything done right away. With wet shaving, your goal is to gradually get rid of the beard by making multiple passes, which is better for the skin. I myself usually make three passes.
It does take a little more time, what with creating the lather and the multiple passes, so I do my shaving at night. Like I said, it's a luxury for me, so I find it relaxing to do before bed.

Due to all the above, I'm fully sold on wet shaving.
8th-Nov-2010 01:36 pm - UMD wrapup
Well, I'm happy to say I was wrong and UMD did not get swept. They got a split, which considering where the series was and who the opponent was, a split is certainly a good thing.

UMD lost Friday night 2-4, which according to Goon's World the score wasn't that close. The Dogs fought back on Saturday and grabbed an overtime 3-2 win for the split.

The win ends a 3 game losing streak in Grand Forks and 4 game losing streak overall against The Fighting Sioux. UMD was outshot by the Sioux in both games (16-24 on Friday, 28-29 on Saturday), the Dogs outshot their opponents in their other games this year. They didn't get the first goal in either game and never lead at intermission, although they were tied after one period on Friday and after regulation on Saturday.

Friday night UMD went 1-4 on the power-play and allowed 2 goals on 5 penalty-kill chances. Saturday they were 0-6 on the PP and allowed 1 goal on 5 PK chances.

Updated Season Stats:
Overtime this season: 2-0-0
Less shots than opponent: 1-1-0
Friday night: 3-1-1
Saturday night: 4-0-1
Gave up first goal: 4-1-1
Tied or behind after 1 period: 4-1-2
Tied or behind after 2 periods: 3-1-2

Unnecessary Stats ('98-99 forward):
UMD scores 2, allows 4: 0-15-0
UMD scores 3, allows 2: 29-0-0
Games played on November 5th: 1-2-0
Games played on November 6th: 2-2-0
5th-Nov-2010 10:50 am - Bulldog Weekend
Here's some more points about UMD playing terribly against the Sioux. UMD averages 0.333 points each game they play in Grand Forks. In games played in Duluth, UMD's average is 0.500.

Kind of interesting, With the exception of Anchorage (possibly Mankato), UMD's performance against WCHA teams isn't all that different whether they play that team home or away (stats listed are Winning percentage):

Michigan Tech (away): .5833
Michigan Tech (home): .5455
Overall: .5652

Minnesota State (away): .6563
Minnesota State (home): .4375
Overall: .5469

Alaska-Anchorage (away): .3611
Alaska-Anchorage (home): .6000
Overall: .4868

Colorado College (away): .4444
Colorado College (home): .4167
Overall: .4306

Denver (away): .4167
Denver (home): .3889
Overall: .4028

Minnesota (away): .3500
Minnesota (home): .4000
Overall: .3750

St. Cloud State (away): .3056
St. Cloud State (home): .3333
Overall: .3194

Wisconsin (away): .3333
Wisconsin (home): .3056
Overall: .3194

North Dakota (away): .1667
North Dakota (home): .2500
Overall: .2105

College Hockey News has a nice article on UMD.

UMD are sitting good when it comes to the polls. Two polls have them ranked #2 in the country, behind Miami.

Despite all the goal scoring, UMD is only tied for 6th in the country at 4.25 goals per game (link 2). Yale is #1 at 7 goals per game, but that's a little deceiving since they've only played two games. Union at #2 has scored 40 goals in 8 games though, very impressive. UMD is tied for 7th in team defense (same link as the offense).
4th-Nov-2010 11:43 am - UMD Weekend
Call me skeptical, but I'm calling a Fighting Sioux sweep. This is because UMD is in Grand Forks this weekend. Maybe it's the color of the Sioux green, there's probably too much green in the building that it seems like kryptonite.

Regardless of how bad the Sioux are and/or how good UMD are, UMD just doesn't get results in Grand Forks. From the 98-99 season forward, UMD has played 9 series in Grand forks and the results haven't been good; only 1 time did they do better than a split (2003), only 1 time did they get a split (2007), 1 time they got only a draw (2007) and the remaining 6 series they lost twice.

Maybe UMD should have petitioned to move one of the games to Sunday, they've 1-0 in Grand Forks on Sunday (3-2 win on 3/2/03). Friday or Saturday it doesn't seem to matter: 0-7-1 on Friday, 1-7-1 on Saturday.

UMD overwhelmingly plays worst in Grand Forks than anywhere else. They have a winning ratio of 16.667% in league games, where is their second worse place to play, St. Cloud State's National Hockey Center, their winning ratio is 30.556%.

UMD's goalscoring is worst in Grand Forks as well. They only score an average of 1.833 goals per game. If that's not enough to show, UMD also gives up more goals on the road at Grand Forks than any other league city. They give up 4.389 goals to the Sioux, with SCSU being 3.833. That's an average of 2.556 more goals given up than scored.

Certainly a key is if UMD's offense can keep it up. UMD's two wins in Grand Forks came when they scored 3 or more goals (2-4-1 record), whereas if they score 2 goals or less they're a miserable 0-10-1. Of course defense factors in as well, UMD is winless if they give up 2 or more (0-12-1).

Vs. Sioux (all games): 9-34-4
Vs. Sioux (away): 3-19-2
Vs. Sioux (away-WCHA regular season): 2-14-2
Streak (all games): 3 losses in a row, 4 of 5
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